“ Portal Alexander von Humboldt “ is a current research project focused on the works of Alexander von Humboldt. The project is run by the Project Group of Prof. Dr. Detlev Doherr at the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg. The aim of the project is to create an information network that provides links to different information sources and archives. The relevant scientific research on an information network has been carried out in the Humboldt Digital Library (HDL). In this pilot project numerous information processing techniques have been applied on several works of Humboldt.

Word cloud consisting of a selection of Humboldt’s works. Give it a go and search for expressions within the Portal!

The access to online data in the Portal is constantly supplemented and improved. The selection of external archives is based on technical consideration and does not constitute the linked archives rating. The linked texts are published in the external archives and are directly accessible without using the Portal.

The Portal can be accessed and used free of charge. This is a scientific project and any commercial usage of methods and contents is not allowed. Liability of any kind is excluded.