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The University of Applied Sciences is a public corporation, represented by the rector, Prof. Dr. Winfried Lieber.

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Professor Dr. Daniel Hammer
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Exclusion of liability
1. Online content:
The authors and developers do not guarantee completeness, topicality, correctness or quality of the information provided. Claims for compensation against the authors are excluded as a matter of policy, unless it can be shown that the authors have acted willfully and negligently. All information is noncommittal. The authors expressly reserve the right to change, alter or withdraw the offer without giving prior notice.

2. Referrals and Links
In the case of referrals and links to other websites the authors can only be held responsible if they know the contents; if it would be technically possible and if it can be reasonably expected that they prevent access to the site should the contents be illegal.
The authors expressly declare, that at the time of setting the link no such illegal contents were known to them. Furthermore, they have no influence on the topical design, the content or the copyright of referrals and links. As a consequence, they categorically distance themselves from the contents of all referrals and links changed after the date the links in question were set. This is equally true for links within the University environment as well as all other web sites referred to such as guest books, discussion platforms and mailing lists. It follows that for illegal, faulty or incomplete contents and especially for damages resulting from this, only the provider of the respective site can be held responsible, and not the provider merely referring or linking to that particular website.

3. Copyright and Legal Designation
The authors strive to observe the copyright in all data used such as graphics, sound, videos and text sequences. Furthermore, they will either use their own material or data not protected by license. All trade marks mentioned are protected by the various owners registered within the valid trade mark. The copyright for texts originated by the authors also remain the legal property of the authors. Copying and using all such graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is allowed only with the express consent of the authors.

4. Data Protection
If on the websites personal details are entered such as E-Mail address, name, postal address, users only give such information voluntarily. Ordering and paying for internet services can also be done by using a pseudonym or by anonymous data.

5. Legal Effect and Limited Liability
Limited Liability is part of the internet service of the University of Applied Sciences. If parts of this service or individual sequences do not comply to current law, the other parts shall not be effected by this.